Farada, webþēw ōwner and māker

I am varad, but when working on WSE, I spell my name under Willsome orthography, i.e, as farada.

I have four principles, and in order of priority, they are: truth, peace, prosperity, and tradition.

My search for a consistent philosophy has lead me to libertarianism whose major premises of natural law and leave-me-alone mentality I find compelling. I do not call my self a libertarian because freedom is not one of my values, it is merely a consequence of a prosperous and peaceful traditional society living in accordance with truth. Also I have some contempt for its ancestor of liberalism, though much intellectual progress has been made in its name.

I am interested in science, philosophy, art, law, literature, technology, language, and laughing at the complete implosion of academia as the inherent contradictions in statist prescriptivism and international standardization result in upheaval within all fields.

I have no bumper-sticker water-downings of my philophy to put here at the bottom, so here's a link to The Mises Intitute Website.

I hope every day of your life that follows reading this is better than the best day you have lived yet.