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What is Willsome English?

Willsome English, abbreviated WSE, is a constructed dialect of English that seeks to remove involuntary ("unwillsome") influence (primarily Norse and French) from the English language. Originally based on Anglish, it has grown from its roots into part of a more widespread movement to return languages to a voluntary state. The point of this is primarily sparked by voluntaryism, known as selfweeldship in Willsome English. Despite what can be seen as political implications, WSE provides writers and speakers a way to use English as they would naturally without the countless years of political bastardization induced on the language. It doesn't replace Mainstream English ("MSE"), it merely provides an alternative to it. This is already much more in-depth than Anglish, but some notable features that make WSE special include:


In May of 2020, Hunter0one broke away from the Anglish Reddit and Discord community. During the summer of that same year, he developed his own kind of Anglish which he called ├×english (Thenglish). Originally made after a disagreement on northern spellings, Hunter came to realize the substantial influence of Old Norse on the language. Also, he included words that were derived from Latin but present in Proto-Germanic, such as tile to mean brick, monk including many OE compounds made from it, and mint. Ultimately Hunter scratched ├×english and its Wordbook by August and started to just use the Anglish Miraheze as a loose reference.

During this time he became part of the Volchads on Matrix, a reassembly of r/volmemes Discord members where he was greeted by his volmemes-friend Varad. Hunter introduced Varad to Anglish, and soon enough more Volchads were interested in the subject of Anglish based on how the English language today is becoming Newspeak. However, there were a few issues with the Anglish (so called Roots English) community. For one, there was a huge focus on standardization and the standardized spellings were based on Carolingian, making it involuntary to begin with. Secondly, it was pointed out that Norse influence is equally as involuntary as French, yet in Anglish it is kept in place and native alternatives are optional or just plain missing.

Lastly, Anglish (at least the Reddit and its Discord) was too politically correct. Many Anglishers are afraid of being seen as "purifying" the language because that word has connotations that offend their sensibilities. This made Hunter feel something different from Anglish was necessary, and with the help of Varad they went back to the drawing board. Its name coined by Varad, Willsome English was conceived. Together Varad and Hunter also created the WSE Ewbook which serves as the (currently) largest resource for Willsome English and serves as a keystone for the project.

Where next?

While Willsome English lacks a Wordbook (mainly because the task is daunting and we don't know of any tools to easily fork and reformat the Anglish Wordbook), we feel accomplished in having a functional Wiki now. We want this to be a place that not only serves as a resource to easily learn about WSE, but also to expand the WSE bookcraft.
You can join our Matrix room here
You can download various PDFs and their sources as well as the Willsome Staves Set from our Springs leaf (page).