Þe Frosh

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Þe frosh (also clept þe frog or frox) biþ one small fowershanked deer, wylc lyfeþ boe in þæt water and on land. most frosh may be brune, grene, or gelow, or be it one woldfroþ were some shæfts can hæf manifold hews. it hæþ boe lungs and cies. frosh nede þæt water to hæf offspring, were it hacceþ from ones ey æs one froshpole. læsting froshpolehood, þe frosh brookeþ its cies to breaþe lic fish. it groweþ to be one frosh, if it be eten not. it etes small bugs lic hyllhoamers, flies, and efen wyrms. hie hæþ tungs þæt be long and sticky. þare sind attern frosh ute þare. þue mite see onen frosh if þue farest þoe wolds or þoe lakes. frosh be funde on all worlddeals, nemmen suþend. þe frosh byþ broþers wiþ þe toad.