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Minecraft, MSE for delfe cræft, is a sandbox game made by Mojang. Þe game was þe braincilde of Markus "Notch" Persson hoo first made it in þe Java reckonertung. Þe first dræfts of þe game wer uttered in Þreemilk of 2009 before þe games 1.0 uttering in Bloodmonþ of 2011. Æfter its 1.0 uttering, Notch stept dune and þe werk behinde Minecraft to come was weelded by Jens Bergensten. Minecraft is þawt to be þe best-selling saregame of all time, wiþ 200 þusendþusend clofes solde and 126 þusendþusend monþly brookers as of þe gear 2020. Wen Notch solde þe Mojang busines and Minecraft wiþ it to Microsoft, þe game gede dune a pæþ of tweeworþy wrixels. Notch has sinse shed himself from þe game wice he made. Þe game is playenly in many tungs, ginning Anglish, but its an arm wending efen for Anglishes sake. Þere is no WSE tungpæck, alþæf suce a pæck may be made in þe æftertime.



Minecraft is a þreesided sandbox game wiþ fower game settings þæt can be ruffly set into WSE: Oferlifing, Arfeþþrow, Cræfthood, and Wayfare. Oferlifing being þe raw setting, it is þe most wellknown wen it comes to Minecraft. Cræfthood is also ræþer folkly.


In Oferlifing, þe player must shelter hemself before nitefall and fite hunger in a world of efil warries and friþful deer. Þis can be done by delfing undergrunde to get þings like coal, iron, redstone, and hardstone. Warries will atew in þe darknes, so its needful to make þecens to aliten þe players home. Þer is no goal in oferlifing besides to slay þe Ender Worm, wice needeþ þe player to go to þe Neþer to get Blase Rods, wice hie can brook wiþ Endergroats to make an Eie of Ender. Wiþ þese eies, þe player can finde a stronghold and set hem in þe Ender Gateway to fuldo it. Þis gifeþ þe player an ingang to þe End, were hie can abide þe Ender Worm. Onse þe player cwelleþ þe worm, hie may leafe and see þe End Leeþ, oftentimes umbeþawt to mark þæt þe game is fuldone.


Cræfthood is were þe player is free to bild anyþing hie wish wiþ an endless cir of blocks. Players cannot be dered and its most alike to þe oldest dræfts of Minecraft.


Þis setting is most like Oferlifing, but it is a dare unlike any oþer. Locked at þe hardest setting wiþ eferdeaþ, þe player must not starfe or else þe game is ofer. Þis makeþ it a harder kinde of Oferlifing. Some folks like to play þis setting sinse raw Oferlifing hæs become too eaþ ofer þe gears.


Wayfare is a setting were þe player cannot break blocks unles its leafed by þe maker of þe world. Often þis is brooked for Wayfare worlds wice oftentimes be made by folks in Cræfthood hoo note Hestblocks (MSE Command Blocks) to make a world fun to play in þis setting.


Minecraft is liked by many folks, sunderly þe gunger crude, but sinse Notch solde þe game and left it behind it has led to a lot of kneating in þe games older amone. In 2019, Microsoft shædowed Notch ofer some tweets of his. Microsoft is well-known to be a deal of ganghood, and as suce hie washed eferyþing abute Notch away from þe game ofer his cweaþes wice marked him agenst þe gangrake. For þis inting, many folks stopt playing þe game.


Minetest is a FOSS sidecir to Minecraft þæts on many of þe BSD freemingstelsels, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Unlike Minecraft, Minetest will not wrixel from its ways and instead it letteþ þe game be anyþing þe player wisheþ þrew many sundry tweaks. Forþæt it is FOSS and belifeþ as olde Minecraft, it gets þe Willsome Greenlite. Get it here