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Wordbookes byþ one good spring for learning one new tung. Hye help wiþ learning þes wordhoard of one tung. Wile WSE as yet haþ no wordbook of its own, willsome efenmaccings ones word may be funde bye looking to oþer springs. Þis deal will trye to showe hue



Anglish byþ þæt forecomer to WSE and being suc, heer wordbookes be often good for finding inborn English efenmaccings of unwillsome MSE ones. Þæt duneside of brooking þose wordbookes byþ hye brookeþ MSE to staþle heer wordbook & put in Old Norþish words wic hafe Willsome efenmaccings. Do ne let þye sheeld dune wiþ þose.

Þæt English Wordbook

Þæt English to Anglish wordbook of þæt Anglish Moot byþ a spring wer þue can look up any word and finde many Þeec efenmaccings, alþaw writed as if in MSE, wiþ its many "gh"es and oþer weerdhoods. It can be brooked as one wordbook, alþæf one WSE writer shud keep one eye ute for Norse borrowings, Frencic spellings, asf.

Findest it here.

Þis byþ þæt first known wordbook for Anglish. It was started in mid-Eregool bye Oswax Scolere, better known as Hurlebatte.

Þæt (Anglish Moot) Anglish Wordbook

Coming rite after þæt abofe, þæt Anglish Wordbook haþ many Anglish words and onefold mishwords, along wiþ heer meanings in MSE (which, as in Gangþawthuselic Tungslore, is clept as "New English")

Findest it here.

Þæt (Roots English) Anglish Wordbook

Roots English byþ one newer, more oferseen & middled kinde of Anglish þæt haþ Hurlebatte at its steer. Heer wordbook haþ "Spellings with foreign influence reverted" or spellings wiþ unwillsomehood utedone, which in trewþ do away wiþ, lic, þree unwillsome wends all of which are þoe froshdarksters' doing anyway and þerefore efen bye heer owne so-clept "principles" awt be deal of Anglish. Þis wordbook is good for þe aspiring Willsome English learning ofercæd sinse it haþ forþteens for many words willsome or ne.

Findest it here.

Oþer Springs

The Middle English Dictionary (here.) byþ one good spring for old spellings of words þæt þue mayest wish to bring back. It also haþ one wealþ of words as suc.

Etymonline (here.) byþ one sooþlic good spring for seecing þæt stear of one word if bist þue unwiss abute þæt willsomehood of one word. Be warned, þue willest get lost in rabbitholes.

Old-Engli.sh byþ one webþew of onelic þæt hyeést order of smickerhood. Whollic unbloated, whollic eysome. One belofed spring of mine. Anyway, hye hafest also a great Old English (Ænglisc, as hye called it back þen.)

And lastlic, it goeþ wiþute saying, sooþ cæds go farþer and look strait at þoe springs webþews mentioneþ for more knowledge.