The willchads hold highest the principles of voluntary association, private property rights, and non-aggression.

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We don't care how hard you jump up and down, we are deaf to your demands, and we are apathetic to your feelings. We will seek truth and spread our findings; your dilation the least of our concerns.


  1. The three wikis:
    Useful FAQ by Bryan Caplan. HTTP link
    Voluntaryist wiki. HTTP LINK
    Wiki of the Mises Institute (hereafter: "ze institoot")
  2. Blogs:
    The Zeroth Position. Reactionary, unapologetic, and sharp. Honorary Willchad, and probably the person closest to an average willchad's personal views on this list. THE BLOG IS DOWN.
    Varad's blog
    Dr. Tom Woods' Website. Doctor of History, podcast host, and surprisingly both popular and underrated. High quality podcast and mailing list.
    Bob Murphy's blog. Doctor of Economics. Very intelligent and insightful commentary.
    Anarchism website mission page.
    Power and market. Mises Institute official blog. Named after Power and Market, the latter part of Murray Rothbard's already uncarriably large tome, Man, Economy, and State.
    Lew Rockwell is a fellow minimal-web-design appreciator.
    Helen of Destroy.
    Scott Horton et al's Anti War dot com for foreign policy.
    Attack the System: Panarchism against the state
    Ethical Skeptic blog. New atheism is fake and gay and scepticism is not what your liberal friends would like you to believe
    Hans Hoppe - This one is mostly news about translations of Hoppe books. Great for realizing you forgot about the existence of this-or-that globally spoken language. Visiting frequently enough gives you a thick german accent. HTTP link
  3. Content aggregation for NRx thought:
    Neorxn dot com. HTTP link.
    Counter-currents Blog for ethnonationalist and other hard right stuff
    Free Northerner. NRx, post-libertarian but nonetheless interesting blog. HTTP link.
    Atavisionary, Strictly absolutist NRx (Dark Enlightenment) content
    NRx(DE) search engine. HTTP link

  4. The voluntaryist canon:
    Three short works for an introduction to voluntaryism:
    Gustave de Molinari - The production of security
    Rothbard's Anatomy of the State
    The Law by Frederic Bastiat. HTTP link.

    Two entry level works for what we are really about:
    Lew Rockwell's anarcho-capitalist manifesto
    The Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman. HTTP link

    More libertarian theory:
    Locke's Two Treatises of Government
    The libertarian manifesto by Rothbard
    No treason. HTTP link
    Our Enemy, the State by Nock. HTTP ( link
    Anarchy, State and Utopia [alternative title: Fuck you Rawls, you dumb NPC]

    An introduction to the libertarian interpretation of history:
    Rothbard on what the government has done to money.
    HHH on Democracy, De Civilization, and Counterculture.
    HHH on The libertarian search for a grand historical narrative.
    Progress according to Pinker (pt2 to the previous video).
    The necessity of reactionary libertarianism by Zeroth Position's Nullus Maximus.
    (Actually) scientific history by Nullus Maximus.
    A Short History of Man by HHH

    Essential economics (in reading order):
    Friedrich Hayek's Road to Serfdom
    Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
    Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
    Carl Menger's Principles of Economics
    MES+POW by Rothbard
    Ludwig von Mises's Human Action
    Eugen von Böhm Bawerk destroys karl m*rx with FACTS and LOGIC
    A collection of essays with the title "The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle"
    Peter Schiss on the Business cycle.
    Bob Murphy's MisesU lecture called Economics of the Stateless Society.

    Even more voluntaryist philosophy:
    The Quest for Community Hoppe explains to you what is and isn't Capitalism.
    What is private property and why it matters t. HHH
    The Left, The Right, and the State.
    Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature by Murray Rothbard
    Essays on national security by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    Why democracy is cancer - HHH: DTGTF
    The R[evol]ution by Ron Paul

    What, how and why - voluntaryist praxis:
    An Agorist Primer. HTTP link
    On private ownership of nuclear warheads by Reece.
    Block on Private (((Roads)))
    Privatize EVERYTHING What must be done by HHH

    On NEETsocs, Fagscists and all other forms of socialist degeneracy:
    The anti capitalist mentality by Mises
    3rd positionists are not right wingers and will be mocked
    The above statement is true
    Omnipotent government by Mises
    The death wish of 'anarcho'-communists by Rothbard
    Socialism by Mises
  5. Neoreactionary works for well read voluntaryists [Proceed with caution]
    Read these only after completing the voluntaryist canon
    A gentle introduction to NRx thought
    The formalist manifesto
    The Dark Enlightenment by Land
    Meditations on moldbug
    The lies of the Enlightenment
    Moldbug on the "Brown scare"
  6. The covid psyop (In roughly reading order):
    Pretty much the best introduction to WTF is going on by The Ethical Skeptic
    Mises Institute primer
    Blog post version of above
    The unfotunately late (as of 27th May 2021)Robert Wenzel of Lew Rockwell's excellent epitome of web design on all this nonsense
    Thisgarticle and the one before were written around when the mask started really slipping
    This video
    A Permanent Dystopia

    TOM WOODS SUBSECTION - multiple links have been shoah'd by jewtube

    Names are derived from the URL slugs
    Covid cult
    Free ebook
    Resources galore!

    End of subsection

    This article will hit even harder if you read Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson.
    Lockdowns were a mistake
    On the New Normal. Written back when that was a huge thing the establishment was pushing
    Lockdowns are inefficient wastes of money and energy
    TL;DR socialism doesn't work
    This shit is ending more lives than it's "saving"
    Eye-opening article about Lockdowns creating the envirnment that leads to lefty riots. One struggles to believe this is an unforeseen consequence.
    Against a second lockdown
    Piles of dead bodies were predicted in Sweden, but it is one of the least affected countries in Europe.
    The Preisthood of Science and associated Religion of Reason are lying through their teeth.
    Again, they don't care about "lives"
  7. Domestic & Foreign policy: Waco podcast episode, with many useful resources linked in the notes and comments.
  8. Miscellaneous:
    HOPPE'S EVERYTHING. The man is based, read his books, watch his PFS/MisesU speeches.
    The Contra Krugman podcast. Ended in mid 2020 with 225 episodes, each packed with both banter and education. Listening to multiple episodes a day for many days straight might cause severe issues such as involuntary Tom Woods impressions and accute split personality disorder.

Willsome English Waterway

Lore Library:

The primary meeting place of the Volchads until late July of 2020 was the discord server for the r/voluntaryistmemes subreddit, which at its peak had about 600 members, at least 500 of which were outspoken libertarians (and not F&G liberalalas). A major threat to the health of the room was wrought by the actions of Team Discord (not that) shortly after the death of George Floyd, a drug criminal who had at the time had lethal dosages of more than two recreational drugs in his body and who had previously been convicted of violent crimes. Discord said at first that they "weren't banning words" and were only going to ban racism and not just any old gamer words, but this promise was shortly thereafter broken and there was a literal digital Kristallnacht of our servers, the persecution so great it has left emotional scars that echo throughout the universe (it's even spelled out in the Cosmic Microwave Background). On 22nd of July, year of our lord 2020, Glue created a room on the Matrix protocol where we could congregate but it was largely ignored. Only Varad, Glue, and Hunter really made a proper switch, while the main Janny of the server - Skunks - stupidly made the "official" backup room on not-yet-revealed-to-be(-but-someday-will) spyware service Telegram. Skunks has since made a moderately intelligent return to the volchad realm. We have a deeply rooted cultural memory of the digital persuction we have undergone, hence why we have created small settlements throughout the cyberspace. We promise not to expand via imperialism ;)